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Focus topic: tech as sales pitch for start-ups

April 26, 2010 Leave a comment

Recently I came across two start-ups in car business. They don’t relate to each other, but there seems to be some common interesting thoughts behind. One is called ALTe, who does economical mass conversion of used fleet vehicles into plug-in hybrid electric ones. The other is called Green Planet Car Wash, who uses a recycled PVC device to cleanse the used car washing water into drinkable tap water (but the business is car washing still).

What I found unique about ALTe is mainly its business angle in two ways. Read more…

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Focus In Brief: AG windshield, Internet of things, V2G e-car

March 23, 2010 Leave a comment

– GM is introducing some experimental technology that will bring the world of Augmented Reality to car windshields and provide a heads-up-display (HUD) experience.

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