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Bluetooth Hands-free combines comfy, style and tech

April 20, 2010 Leave a comment

Imagine yourself on a late Sunday morning sitting in the usual branch café tasting your first morning coffee. Now you enjoy the comfy and coziness but not too sloppy. Well you whisper to your friends on phone about yesterday’s party through a nice s-shaped earing; now the hot pine-cake come, so you wrap up the dialogue, fold the earing with a light touch into an elegant ring and put it back to your point finger. Then it’s the usual newspaper time. So you take out a thin semi-transparent e-newspaper and scrolling the displayed content you’ve subscribed; then your fold it as any normal newspaper to the ease of use. Unlike normal newspapers, you can continue with your old reading hobby while remain fingers ink-free and the e-newspaper would always be folded nice and tidy even after all the reading has done.

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