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How to Make Use of Wallpaper Background for Your Online Business

If you own a shop or restaurant, you would probably take serious effort on interior design and decoration for branding. You are also keen on personalize your belongings, like put a sticker on your newly bought laptop to hopefully show how unique you are. This is nothing new either for businesses or individuals. The same applies to online community. We focus a lot on web designs to suit our own identities. The wallpaper background, which is perhaps the largest available space online, could have more potential usages than just being nicely designed and filled up to attract eyeballs.

One usage is to enrich your end-users’ consuming experiences at your site by letting them personalize the background themselves. Google has announced that in the coming few days any person could add his favorite image or picture to the blank Google homepage background to make the Google homepage just his. And if anyone wants to share his Google page, he can tweet the picture with #myGooglepage.

The idea can be applied to many online consumer businesses especially to maintain or increase your regular customer base. Who wouldn’t fancy feeling at home while shopping online? If your customers would also be able to share their experiences through your social network, you can also generate crowd-sourcing type of campaign, for example the personalization design that gets the most votes wins a prize of XYZ. The encouragement of relevant crowd participation is crucial for branding in consumer market, but also in today’s business environment.

You might still be thinking: yes all that sounds fine, but my highest priority now is still to earn more income before I can spend it. True. Then why not sell your background or rent it out? The Dutch start-up WeTransfer seems to catch your thought. The company offers free online big-file transferring service without registration. Though clean and neat, the service itself is nothing new. So how does it make money without bombing users with banners and frequent prompts? It sells wallpaper, the pretty pictures in the background, for advertising. Since WeTransfer’s own interface is minimal, lots of space is saved for sponsor’s brand.

Isn’t this a more elegant approach for sponsorship? It would probably work better for sponsors since users would tend to stay on at the page simply because the ad experience is much less annoying. If they use a lot of the service, they see a lot of sponsor’s image design and will have a good chance to remember it or even check it out one time out of curiosity, which is the essence of any branding. If your wallpaper can do that, then you are making a real good use of your limited online space.

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