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Wireless Charging: One Step Closer (part 2)

One of my interests is to check on businesses that come up with simple, smart, decent and price-worth solutions to really help solving our practical issues. One issue for me is that no matter how cool the device could be, every time I look at all the wires winding together behind, I felt like stone-age. That is why I come back to the topic.

On Wireless Charging: One Step Closer to the Dream (part 1) we’ve introduced PowermatTM Wireless Charging System: multiple (up to 3) gadgets (like iPhone, Blackberry) lay on mat and get charged through the ‘touch’, not wires. There is a catch though. You will have to get different Receiver Cases for different phones in order to ‘receive’ power from the mat. Each Receiver Case will cost $30 or $40 depending on the phone type. That is an add on to the $70 mat. The company is still developing more Receiver Cases for more phones. I start to feel like instead of more wires, you are actually getting more accessories.

The Scoshe FlipSYNC on the other hand, hide the wire by its clever design. This USB charger comes with 2 models: one for iPhone/iPad, the other for Blackberry/digital camera). It folds up into an accessory resembling car alarm remote. It flips open revealing its USB 2.0 and iPhone connections for charging and syncing. It fits easily into any key chains and now you can carry it around conveniently. Pretty cool. The product is releasing commercially now for $20.

But let’s be fair. Neat as it is, FlipSYNC is an accessory. You will still need either your computer or wall charger to do the job. Any small decent improvement to our current issues without getting extra trade-off is well worth a round of applause.

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