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You’ve Got Tweet, from a Cow

I mean a real cow, not someone use cow as his Twitter ID. And the cow would tweet to you something like ”@AttnPlease: I just squirted 9.4 kgs of milk out of my teats in 4:46 seconds. What did you do today?” Would you respond with ”That’s my girl. Keep up with the good work!” Maybe you will even feel connected when drinking your daily milk?

The scenario is not on paper. At Buttermine Farm near Waterloo, Canada, the dairy farmer Chris Vandenberg, in collaboration with Ron Broglio, a member of Critical Media Lab at the University of Waterloo, now has 12 cows (out of a herd of 120) that tweet about the milk they produce from their teats. This twitter-based application is called Teat Tweets. So how does it work?

There are several cool applications involved here in the process. First, each cow wears a RFID tag which contains her individual information. A computer at the milk station has a RFID reader that scan the tag when the cow approaches and decides whether or not to let her in according to her milking schedule. The milk station is full of high-grade feed inside. This is the same technology Dubai applies to its toll gates where a toll fee is deducted automatically from a passing car’s prepaid toll account that is linked by the car’s RFID chip.

Once the cow is allowed into the milk station, a robot milkmaid will approach her. Lasers scan her underside to locate her teats, a robotic arm washes them, attaches a cup designed to extract milk. During the time, the milk output and feed input information is fed into the central computer’s database along with the cow’s ‘personal’ information.

Some detailed information is then pulled from the database – by a software program written by Broglio – and put into pre-written tweets. This is how you can get a tweet from a real cow! In the next version, the tweets will get more moody by combining real-time weather information. So don’t get surprised next time if you see ”@AttnPlease: it’s a cold snowy night. I felt like only give a 8 kg!”

When it comes to social media, we would always think of IT, entertainment, or finance, those segments we deem to be frontiers. Few would look at our long-existing farming industry. But the new technology might have its highest potential in polishing the oldest business. Plus, what could make you more grounded by connecting to the living world that provides you, especially in such a cool way?

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  1. Odinwood
    May 22, 2010 at 8:21 am

    This is simple technology and more marketing. There is more effective ways to communicate on the milk production statistics on internet. Would be cool if it could send the estimated feelings or reflections based on AI and external event during the day.

  1. May 26, 2010 at 5:56 pm

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