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Work from Home, Manufacture from Desktop

The Iron Man 2 suits worn by Tony Stark and his enemy Whiplash were made by 3D printer. You might want to collect a pair of those but then have to sigh at the thought that chances are marginal. Now with the full range of 3D scan – design – print product line in place for mass market, your chances might just have come, by duplicating one yourself at your home desk.

This month in May Bites From Bytes has commercially launched its 3D desk printer BFB 3000 to households as well business market for $3000 . Just days ago we have seen HP launched its delicate 3D table printer Designjet 3D to the European market for less than $17,500 targeting more at professional designers. There will be accuracy difference in the output. But the speed of turning an industrial product affordable to households level is amazing. What’s more, if you are light in pocket and strong with hands, you can build one yourself! Just join Reprap, an open-sourced project aiming for building free desktop 3D printer. Voila!

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more about “RepRapWiki“, posted with vodpod

The point is that you can probably now start your own vintage parts production or simply provide tooling/prototyping business from home. Difficult to design and create from scratch? You can couple the printer with a 3D scanner, for example the NextEngine‘s 3D Scanner. It models to popular design software like SolidWorks and Rhino, and sells for $3000.

So here it goes your home business process: you scan in a vintage part with a 3D scanner, make qualified modifications with your design software, then manufacturer it or prototype it with a desktop 3D printer quickly. This concept sounds much like H&M’s. But instead of B2C, you apply it in H2B – home to business! The more skilled you are as a designer, the better quality and fast enough pace with your output, the more likely to succeed.

By then you might find it a piece of cake to get one or two those Iron Man 2 suits. Wouldn’t you love the technology evolution?


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