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Monthly Review – April 2010

I’ll use this Dilbert comic as an opening to the April Review.

Here are the highlights of the topics we’ve been talking about under April.

Combining technical features with personal design has been a hot trend for some time. We have seen several attractive examples of both off-the-shelf products – like the elegant and practical ORBTM Earing hand-free in Again: comfy, style and tech, or Hug Shirt with its innovation personal touch in Focus Fun: Let’s get the party started… or not… –  and conceptual designs or edgy trials – like the PCB shoes in Focus topic today: Fashion for geek girls, or an aromatic magazine with no images, only pure scents in Focus Fun: Irresistible cuties.

Humanoid robot is a never fading topic and the study of it is making progress every day as we speak. We’ve covered some of the lastest findings, like in Focus fun: a robot artist? with the design based on human drawing pattern and Mirror mirror on the wall, how does my brain work at all? with human trying to teach child-like robot to learn.

Start-ups and SMEs. To make your business more successful your will always need to spot the current market niche – like Powermat’s wireless charging system in Wireless charging: one step closer to the dream, and make sure to promote your business with most updated technical concept as the two start-ups showed in Focus Topic: tech a sales pitch for start-ups.

Let us not forget humor. Having fun is as important as learning and sharing itself. Weather it is rapping the science as in Yo Mama so fat NASA has to orbit a satellite around her, or showing normal people’s interesting interpretations of Product Lifecycle Management as in What’s PLM2.0, or making fun of our legendary icon from Star War as in Forever love: Darth Vader, the sole purpose is show our passion in creativity.

Share your thoughts. Leave your comments or simple vote for the articles or topics interested you!


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