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Join the Crowd-Source Opera for Finland’s Festival in 2012

Finland’s Savonlinna Opera Festival has launched a Opera by You project (www.operabyyou.com) on May 6 aiming to crowd-source the whole production and stage a premiere in a medieval castle built in 1475 in the summer of 2012.

So anybody signed up on-line can submit his own creation of story, libretto, music, costume and/or stage design from beginning to end with full access to the whole production crew including soloists, a chorus of 80 and symphony orchestra. Who knows, some cellphone salesman or housewife might find his/her talent shine directly in front of 60,000 people next summer and many more through media sending.

St. Olaf's Castle, the venue of the festival

Actually this is even cooler than the reality talent shows in my eyes. It will probably reach a larger population, much more cost and time effective, and above all, the end product will most likely be a combination of different talents through a tremendous collaboration of all the member from the Internet community. There has recently been some interesting reflections on the popular on-line game World of Warcraft, stating that the players, despite the fact that they are strangers in real-life, actually trust each other and team work better to accomplish a certain task. I can understand the logic. Still, wouldn’t it be better if some of this incredible positive synergy could be directed to contribute something constructive in real life? Bringing our classic beauty, opera, down from the vintage loft and revealing her radiance with our own hands could be one.

Celebrity and WoW

It is not the first crowd-sourcing experiment on classical pieces. One month earlier in April we saw the launch of Such Tweet Sorrow, a drama in real-time and 4,000 tweet, roughly based on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. It was reported that the production was ‘not very reverential’. I can imagine that playing with lines could appeal fun to young people while give headaches to professionals. It may not be the same case with an opera considering that the majority part, maybe except for libretto that could get fooled around a bit, requires certain level of professional training (or born talent). I hope to see a classic beauty reborn with the help of our modern hustle.

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