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Focus Fun: irresistible cuties

Innovation is everywhere and when technology, gadget and design get more and more intertwined, given a bit of tasty touch, it would become just irresistible. Take a look of some the collections here.

1) Sexy gadget – the Vivienne Tam HP Laptop.

It is a full functional laptop with a delicate butterfly design. And where would be a better place to showcase this sexy gadget other than T-stage? Make a guess. Yes, Carrie would be writing her famous relation reflexions with it in the next ‘Sex and the City’ movie! I wouldn’t be surprised if it sweeps the feet of many women while they are reaching for their wallet. HP seems to be confident in this future cashflow. No wonder it is getting many step on acquisitions recently, including the newly announced $1b Palm deal. But that’s another issue.

2) Second sense – Aromatic Mono Kultur Magazine.

Magazines are supposed to impress us mainly via static visual impact: photos, pictures with some explanatory text. There are ample of projects focusing on enhancing the visual sense by applying augmented reality or 3D technology. But the current #23 issue of Mono Kultur Magazine is exploring the possibility of introducing a second sense into a magazine: smell. The magazine is in-printed with 12 scents by Sissel Tolaas using a special technique called microcapsule. As a reader you just rub the paper and the fragrance will be released. No images, only scents. Pretty cool.

3) Paper pencils, or chocolate flavored, which do you prefer?

To write on a paper with a paper pencil, how about that! Plus the product is adorable. The Gong Jang paper pencil is made of 100% recycled paper, even the print on the packaging is done with soy-based ink. You will make an impression by using these cuties at your work meeting while saving the planet.

How about having some pencil fillings as your desert? No kidding. Already two years ago, the collaboration between the Japanese architect and designer Oki Sato and patissier Tsujiguchi Hironobu has brought an innovative desert line: chocolate pencil. Not only it comes in different cocoa blends with variable intensity, but also there comes a special pencil sharpener to grate the chocolate onto your desert! So now instead of getting annoyed, you will crave for the remains of this pencil filling!

So what do you think?

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