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Bluetooth Hands-free combines comfy, style and tech

Imagine yourself on a late Sunday morning sitting in the usual branch café tasting your first morning coffee. Now you enjoy the comfy and coziness but not too sloppy. Well you whisper to your friends on phone about yesterday’s party through a nice s-shaped earing; now the hot pine-cake come, so you wrap up the dialogue, fold the earing with a light touch into an elegant ring and put it back to your point finger. Then it’s the usual newspaper time. So you take out a thin semi-transparent e-newspaper and scrolling the displayed content you’ve subscribed; then your fold it as any normal newspaper to the ease of use. Unlike normal newspapers, you can continue with your old reading hobby while remain fingers ink-free and the e-newspaper would always be folded nice and tidy even after all the reading has done.

The elegant ring/earing hands-free is called the ORB™ “ear ring” developed by Hybra Advance Technology, Inc. It has just been named the CES 2010 Best of Innovation winner in the wireless handsets accessories category. It is a ring in stand-by mood, vibrates on incoming calls, msg, alarm, shows caller ID in a streaming message on the surface, get opened at a hinged joint and placed over the upper ear as the picture shows, and then your can talk. It will be available to consumers in the 4th quarter of 2010 with retail unit price of $129.

The neat e-newspaper is called The Page E-Reader designed by Jae Kim. It is a e-link screen that display images and text with much clarity. The latest prototype allows content viewing in a more flexible way or even interact with contents. Check out the illustration video. It is still in a concept stage.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “The Page E-reader Allows Easy Interac…“, posted with vodpod

As usual, a bit of reality check under the fancy appearance. The ORB uses bone conducting technology to deliver sound. Now I know that I couldn’t bear to talk long on a wireless blue-tooth hands-free because it causes heat and pain around my ear, so often I switch back to wired hands-free for even though I really hates sorting the tangled wire all the time. Does this ORB eliminate my headache, reduce the risk of my brain cell damage? I have no idea. You who have more insights, please let me know. And then this Page E-Reader: it looks like I need some delicacy to handle the e-screen, or to touch and scroll to get the right sort of content. How much of a careless tolarance is the touch grid actually? Will it just go black and dead like my computer sometimes if I make myself comfortable with clicking? Again, no idea. But until these questions are answered, I think I will keep window shopping.

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