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Money Matters — World’s Most Luxurious Submarine Commercially Launches

Only last month in March we saw the commercial space travel came one step further. People with no special physical conditions can again be compensated by their big wallet to shoot high for the world beyond. Dream does not end there, nor does money. People would like to get deep down also into the ocean to find another fascinating underworld. There you go! This week a private submersible –  Nautilus VAS commercially launched.

Some luxurious cool features? Sure. Firstly, Nautilus use flat, distortion-free optics. So unlike other normal poor guys in a sub who might have to trade the beautiful distorted view with dizziness or even vomiting, all you have to do is to sip a cool beer from the mini-bar  while enjoying a crystal vision of the underworld! Secondly, VAS offers a Driver Lockout, meaning you can exit and re-enter the submarine underwater doing a bit your own adventure like get a closer look at a shark’s jaw or something. This will probably makes you feel part of the underworld family, not just a viewer.  A small price to pay for that thrilling experiences is a nice €2 million. Plus you need a mega-yacht to equip it.

Alright, if we don’t stretch our hands too way beyond our wallets, we might find some other cool stuff  that could solve our practical issues as well. For example, I have been considering having a scooter as a smart alternative to car for daily city life. Yet safety has so far been the biggest issue. Now I’m delighted to see that designer Hyun-Seok Kim has come up with an egg shaped scooter.

Some safety cool features? Sure. Sliding doors that contains armrest with airbags, both front and rear bumpers and soft surrounding seat. There is a trade-off. The front bumper limits the front wheel to rotate max 35 degree to each side from center. Still, the beautiful line makes it look urban and sporty. I wonder why any of the manufacturer has never come up with something like that earlier.

Now with the million dollar submarine baby already on the market, when can we expect this more likely affordable vehicle available for us?

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