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Yo mama so fat NASA has to orbit a satellite around her!

The topic has actually almost nothing to do with the content, though I quite like some of YoMama’s sparkling imaginations. For those who don’t know what it is,  go google. It’s just that recently I encountered two nerdy rap songs which makes me associate with the topic 😉

One is called Particle Business promoting Fermilab by Funky49 and it reminds me of the popular LHC Rap by aka AlpineKat rapping about CERN. Well I got to know CERN though the book Da Vinci Code, and Fermilab through this rap song. You can smell a bit YoMama contest here: both labs has particle accelerator looking for Higgs (a hypothetical particle believed to give other particles their mass) – Fermilab has Tevatron and CERN Large Hadron Collider. LHC is young and powerful, even run at half power, it is three times as powerful as Tevatron, whereas Tevatron is far richer in data gathering given its ten years of running experience. But the price boils down to: who would find Higgs first?

Back to the songs themselves. I like the lyrics of LHC Rap because it’s quite knowledge explanatory since the writer is a actually working at CERN. More credit adds up also to its originality. Music wise I find Particle Business smells more rough thus more appealing to me with its ear catching phrase like ‘Where is the Higgs AT?’ and spicing up the contest by posing himself as a challenger.

So try them both out and vote for yourself! You can find lyrics of LHC Rap right on the video and of Particle Business on Funky49’s homepage.

Particle busines


Vote here!

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