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LED Dress or Hug Shirt: Let’s get the party started

You want to come to the party and light up the whole stage, literally? Then check this out: a Galaxy Dress from Cutecircuit made by 24,000 LEDs will make your dream come true, perhaps. It looks like Cinderella has finally got her crystal dress in reality.

However, unlike Cinderella in the fairy tale, geek girls in real life will most likely check out the practical. You don’t really want to be melted down like an ice-cream before meet your prince charm.  So even though we know that most electricity is emitted as light rather than heat by LED, still with 24,000 pieces all over your body, the heat might well be added up to warm up an egg, I guess?

Another concern is that you would probably want to be able to smooth onto the stage with elegancy like a swan on the lake. Will it give you that ‘next to the skin’ feeling of flexibility? The designer claims that each LED measures only 2×2 mm, paper thin, embroiled on a layer of silk so it can move like a normal fabric. Yet to date not a single living model has worn it.

 Moving away from the splashy spotlight, we might find some other next-door type of wearing more appealing. Designed by the same company, the Hug Shirt makes a physical intimacy feeling almost distance free.  The shirt has sensors that send your touch data via Bluetooth to your mobile phone which then sends to another mobile and another Hug Shirt.

The shirt is washable, the pad containing sensors is plug and play and washable. I can think myself getting some of these as Christmas present to dear ones. Since the patent is still pending, don’t know when it will be commercialized.

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