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Child Robot, how does my brain work at all?

Human are probably the most self obsessed creature on earth. We are fascinated about ourselves: how we become alive, why we are curious and learning, how we use cognition developing skills and become who we are today…

We have already created many different ways studying it in both science and sociology field. Somehow I felt that our favorite method is always the direct way: to just crack the skull and observe how our brain code evolve. However, we can’t do that. So why not develop a robot that can learn like a human and then we will crack and analyze his brain code 😉

Viola! That is the thinking behind the iCub humanoid robot.

Inbuilt with 53 sensory motors, iCub possesses not only a deadly cute looking but also almost the same amount of possible movement and flexibility as a 3,5 year old child. He can now perform basic motor skills like reaching, grabbing, listening and moving his head head and eyes. Next he will ‘learn’ to juggle by the same child learning process – observe showcase, correct his action through feedback. The long term plan is to learn to walk, talk and even create memories.

The RobotCub is the project behind the iCub. RobotCub is an EU funded 5 year project to study cognition through the lovely iCub. All platform is open and software is developed open-sourced. So if you have the interest and capacity, get one for your own and teach him like to your own child!

Since I am no exception from this part of self obsession, I would definitely follow up the progress.

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