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Focus fun: a robot artist?

When I stroll on beach side streets, I would always make a stop at the portrait painters, simply enjoy my amazement to their skill and speed. I wish I could do the same. Now I will even have to envy a robotic arm! The Aikon2 robot made the following sketch.

The basic mechanism is to implement a computational system that stimulate the important steps in a face sketching. Right now the robot recreates the sketching process from one of its creator and finishes its sketch in one go. In the future it is expected to modify its own sketch, just as a human would do, and even develop its own style. The Aikon2 Porject will base its research on two paths: study of thousands of artists sketches in archives and the contemporary artificial intelligence especially when computational hardware progresses into cognitive system.

This is the robot artist do a live face sketch in 5 min.

Even so, I still think it is too early to ask: can machine really do art, being creative? It will at least take more jobs from humans, even in the art field.

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